Handmade in Morocco

Anna Cox Cushions – My Story

I went on holiday to Morocco and had my head turned by all the colourful and unique things available in the Souks.  I have always liked interiors, so I decided to squeeze 25 cushion covers into my already crammed suitcase.  I brought them home with me and was surprised to find how beautiful they looked back in the Cotswold interiors (a lot of grey, white and green!).  They literally bring a room or garden to life, which is such a beautiful thing to see.

So, I took them out and about with me to gauge people’s reactions.  One of my first sales was from the boot of my car in a supermarket car park! 
I get the same reaction wherever I take them, as a picnic set to the cricket, to a meeting, or simply when I open the boot of my car: ”Wow, they are so different”.

Even children chuck themselves on them, and my boys, who are not remotely interested in soft furnishings, have claimed their own for their rooms!

I am having such fun designing my own colourways and meeting lots of different people along the way.  It has also reconnected me with old friends who are also setting up their own small businesses to fit around family life.
I now don’t leave home without my cushions!


The Idea

Interior style and decoration has always been a great passion of mine. While my home is decorated in beautiful timeless Cotswold style (grey, white, green, you know what I mean) the added splash of colour both inside and outdoors added a special new sparkle.

Designing new colourways, patterns and combinations was the idea and I am excited to share this journey with you.

Style & Quality

Our cushions are timeless and trendy at the same time. Whether in bold colours or subtle shades, mixing and matching the colour combinations to your interior style is what we enable you to do.

Choose your favourite colour palette or contact us to create your own.
The handmade woven quality can be felt for each cushions and throw and makes each product unique.

100% Handmade

The cushions are handwoven by artisans in Morocco. Soft cotton pillows, woven with stylised stripes and each corner is decorated with a wool pom pom.

A beautiful bohemian home furnishing accessory to add a pop of colour to your living space. Filled with a soft and luxurious duck feather cushion pad.